“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of Music is the greatest treasure in the world.”
Martin Luther


Jude Paul, Founder & Music Teacher

Mr. Jude has been a musician for well over 15 years. He is a man of expertise in various genres of music and a plethora of instruments. His passion and skill set has grown over the years with his role as a music instructor at various institutions and international school.

Breakthrough Music Academy is a culmination of 15 years of passion, experience, and 5 years of thoughtful planning, intellectual strategy, and student-oriented lesson plan designed for both, overall development in the field of music and majoring in the specific area of interest of the pupil.

Music Lessons

Music is a vast art-form that needs special care and attention to each individual genre. Breakthrough Music Academy offers unique student specific lessons in each category with attention to details and according to the learning pattern of the pupil.




Lesson Format

Private Lessons

Private lessons ensure single-mindedness, superior focus, and exclusive teaching method specific to the individual.

Group Lessons

Group lessons enable the student to push his/her limits and allow them to engage in a competitive yet friendly learning process.

Online Lessons

Music lessons at the comfort of your home. Breakthrough Music Academy offers lessons over various social media platforms.


Students at BTMA have the privilege of being mentored and inspired by professionals and their life experiences through Music and Performing Arts seminars and workshops on a regular basis.

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